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Wearables for security that may save your life

Wearables for security that may save your life

Wearables for security that may save your life

Wearables are not just accessories anymore. They have become an intrinsic part of everyday life. In this article we look at how wearable can help you feel more safe. Go out late without fear: smart wearables for security are the latest gadgets that send out alerts when you don’t feel safe. We’ve gathered the top 4 in wearables that we think you will wear this year. If you know of any more please comment below!!

First Sign

The world´s first mobile security system! First Sign device makes you feel safer. Manufactured as a hair clip, this small and compact wearable for security call for help when detecting violent crimes and sent relevant information. Rachel and Arthur Emanuele, founders of First Sign, have assured us – “peace in mind and safety can easily be obtained with this lifestyle device”. Designed to be tiny and worn as an accessory, First Sign has the advantage of being almost unnoticeable. In addition, a specially created mobile app allows First Sign to establish a Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone. It then accesses your smartphone´ GPS, camera and microphone and collect evidence. Strangers and criminals are not a threat anymore. “Beauty and simplicity” now can help women feel safe.


Falling asleep can be now prevented! U-Wake is a device that detects driver´s fatigue level. Designed as a hairband it is comfortable and durable. With U-Wake the aim is to decrease the number of car accidents due to fatigue. What it does is to “tracks brainwaves to detect when you are too tired to drive”. Additionally, this wearable device works together with a mobile application, which sends signal to selected family and friends so that they know what is happening. A very smart way to save drivers´ lives!

The Amulyte Pendant

Whenever it is worn, this device can signal for help. The Pendant sends information to an Amulyte Portal where you can add emergency contacts that will be the object of a contact in a moment of danger. “Real-time location” and “activity levels” can be tracked through The Amulyte Pendant. All that matters is that your loved ones are in safe and in a good health condition. The nice and easy to use design is a great plus. Equipped with a battery light, help button and easy charging, this device can attract a lot of customers!

Live-saving Bike Helmet

Volvo launched a life-saving bike helmet at the end of last year. A “two-way communication” between Volvo drivers and bicyclists is fulfilled so that both sides know about their location. Live-saving Bike Helmet was created to avoid accidents and to signal for oncoming traffic. The main object of concern is the bicyclist´s life whose safety is most in danger. This incredible device has been introduced during this-year Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This wearable for security is definitely what every bicyclist has dreamed of.

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