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Top 5 social fashion campaigns - Fashion.bodi.me

Top 5 social fashion campaigns

Top 5 social fashion campaigns

At bodi.me we’re all about innovation online and aim to help fashion brands surprise and delight their customers in a virtual environment. Social networks have opened up great opportunities for fashion brands and some very clever marketing teams have ceased them already. We’ve collated here the top 5 fashion and social networking innovations that the Net has seen in the last few years. If you know more please post them at the bottom, we love to hear from you!

Diane Von Fürstenberg and Google

Fürstenberg and Google+
In the future the Council of Fashion Of America (CFDA) plans to hold various shoppable Google+ hangouts, and the first one was held by the president of the CFDA herself, Diane von Fürstenberg. This “hangout” was aimed at getting the brand a little closer to its participants (and allow them to ask question). The event was a real success, and the follow up even bigger: 2.3 million people watched what happened during the hangout on YouTube. Diane Von Fürstenberg is a pioneer in the alliance between social network and fashion, as she’s partnering with Google for some time now. She had already made the buzz by using Google Glasses on models at one of her fashion show in 2012. Diane von Fürstenberg understands how important social networks are in fashion and we therefore give her the top 1 in our list of social networks and fashion innovators.

Vogue and Instagram

Vogue Instagram Campaign
Vogue’s photo shooting of September 2013 was a premiere in the fashion industry. Vogue got it clear that its readers, eager to read about the New York Fashion Week, were really active on social networks. As a result, a photo shoot solely published on Instagram was a clever way to offer a preview of the fashion week. The idea of using Instagram was strategic, as their most active users are fashion bloggers and therefore readers of the magazine itself. Vogue found a way to keep the loyalty of its customers by adapting to their way of living, and its competitors would be crazy not to do the same!

Dior’s Youtube stories

The luxury French brand has found yet another way to engage its customers… Over the last few years, the brand produced a couple of digital stories beautifully representing its luxury standards. To create these, Dior got the help of talented directors like David Lynch as well as Marion Cotillard, the French muse of the brand, to star in these short movies. These stories were created for the online fans of the brand, and can be viewed on the official Youtube account of Dior.

Jimmy Choo and Foursquare

Trainer Hunt Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo came up with an interactive game idea to promote their 2010 shoes collection: they hid real shoes all around the streets of London and gave hints on where to find those via Foursquare. Picture a luxury shoe hunt! We’re in! The brand created Twitter and Facebook accounts to support the campaign and the amount of PR they got through it was pretty huge.

Nike and Facebook

The Facebook application of Nike Mexico just gave a huge motivation to its customers by launching this new concept… The more you run, the bigger discount you get! The application will record your performance and get you a discount or a free pair of sneakers from the brand! Nike is one of the best example of how fitness and fashion can be combined while staying extremely cool.

Featured image Marion Cotillard in the Dior campaign.

  1. […] “Pay with a selfie” fashion social media campaign was launched by Urban Hilton Weiner last year. The South African brand emerged from being a not very famous name to one of the most commented ones in the fashion industry. The contest of the campaign was to encourage people to buy brand’s clothes and to take selfie while wearing them. After just typing a hashtag #urbanselfie you are already ahead with a $10 coupon. The campaign took Urban Hilton Weiner to a whole new level by encouraging global social networkers to share and consequently to spread out the brand’s name. More from our Top 5 fashion campaigns see here. […]