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Top 3 Wearables We Saw At London's WTS’15 - Fashion.bodi.me

Top 3 Wearables We Saw At London’s WTS’15

Top 3 Wearables We Saw At London’s WTS’15

On the 10th and 11th March Londoners had the opportunity to dive into the world of wearable technology and explore the latest products in the industry. The show had the aim of showcasing the power of the constantly growing wearable technology market. It was also the perfect occasion for people and distributors to meet and engage with potential clients and colleagues and to hear the experts in the industry. In this article we summarised the top 3 wearables that will definitely strike a chord with you.


Why sleep matters? The creators of Beddit know the answer. They also know how important good sleep is for your health and good being. Therefore, they created the ultimate wearable that can accompany you during your naps and night’s sleep. Put across the bed in the shape of a plastic strip, Beddit will monitor what is happening – “whether you’re asleep, what point in sleep cycle you’re in, your heart rate and even how you’re breathing”. And if you are one of those people, like me, who are always wondering how many hours of sleep they need in order to feel good and productive, well, Beddit can give you that desired answer. Amazingly, the wearable can also measure your heart rate, which is an important indicator of recovery and stress. The wearable has a reasonable price of about £100 but can be used by only one person.


At the WTS’15 event we became eyewitnesses of the Martian’s smart watches divided into two categories – Notifier and Voice Command. Notifier watches’ functionalities are basic such as receiving notifications for incoming calls, text messages and e-mails. Whereas, the Voice Command smart timepieces can answer to these announcements directly from your wrist, without picking up the handset. Both watches sync with Android or iOS via app called Martian, which means that you can entirely customise your watch by picking up the most desired apps and set up the settings in a way that will best suit you. The smart watches will be available in the UK in the third quarter of this year at the price of £100 for the Notifier wristwatch and between £200 and £300 for the Voice Command wristwatches.


Muse is a headband that can help you control your thoughts and improve your emotional state by helping you to eliminate stress. You are probably already wondering how that can be achieved? The headband monitors your brain waves and help you identify your distractions. By using the wearable, you exercise your brain with “focused attention training” which improve your concentration and encourage self-motivation to cope with those distractions. The headband is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Muse app allows you to see feedback and collect data from the sessions. You can buy Muse for £238 but the wearable is definitely worth the money, isn’t it?

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