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Top 3 wearables for a better sports performance

Top 3 wearables for a better sports performance

Real time information on emotional levels as well as tracking of physical fitness levels is what gives athletes an advantage on the court. Wearable devices can now provide better understanding of players’ bodies for a greater performance and injury prevention. On-the-go physiological measurements, which previously required costly lab equipment, are now provided by wearable sensors. Let’s now have a look at our top 3 wearables that rise performance on the sports field.


BSXinsight is the first wearable that helps athletes train smarter, not harder! BSXinsight uses innovational technology that looks inside your muscle, measures your lactate threshold and generates valuable personalized training information. You don’t know if you’re pushing yourself too hard or you just spare your strength? This revolutionary wearable device says stop trying to understand your limits and let the science of the body speak. A runner, swimmer, cyclist or a multisport athlete, BSXinsight will tell you when to speed up or to slow down as well as when you need a rest, so you are able to get the most out of every mile. Just clip it on and it will be able to measure pace, cadence, calories and heart rate – very valuable information for both elite athletes and amateurs, who wants to achieve better sports performance. What is more, BSXinsight will also automatically sync with the web, so you can learn from it or share it with your coach. Amazing, huh?


HidrateMe is a smart water bottle that connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth to track your daily water consumption and glows to remind you to stay hydrated. The most essential thing to our body is water, but we simply forget this fact, because of the busy lives we lead nowadays. The team behind HidrateMe perfectly understands that, therefore, they created the ultimate solution in a shape of a smart water bottle. Made out of BPA free Tritan plastic, it is also very elegant, so you can bring it everywhere from the gym to the office. An absolutely free to download app calculates how much water your body needs in order to stay hydrated and, what is more, it also integrates with your wearables to help adjust your water goals even more accurately to your daily activities. For even better results, the app can regulate your daily water goal depending on your location and the environmental conditions you are exposed to such as temperature and humidity.


The FocusBand is a wearable brain training device with three sensors, which measure your brain activity in order to recognize 12 different states of mind such as face tension and anxiety. The Neoprene headset and the woven sensors are sweat tolerant and all the data gathered is displayed on a mobile phone. FocusBand enables you to self-regulate your emotional levels by providing real time information and visualizing it on an avatar. Stress and too much thinking is what can prevent you from making use of your full potential in sport as well in business and wellness. A graphical representation of the user’s brain activity helps in understanding and experiencing the mental process which in turn enables the sportsman to achieve the desired results. Once you are aware of your current emotional level, you will be able to improve your sports performance.

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