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Top 3 tech innovations that impact your lifestyle

Top 3 tech innovations that impact your lifestyle

Fashion technology industry has the aim of improving the quality of people’s everyday life experiences through wearables. Technology itself is great and it is inevitable that it will be increasingly taking a crucial part in our daily activities by making them more dynamic as well as a bit stress-free and even safer. On the road, at home or in the park, tech devices can guide you and protect you. Today we will show you our top 3 recent tech innovations that can accompany you during your everyday life no matter if you are sleeping, travelling, running or driving. Have a look at these three gadgets that will definitely impact your lifestyle positively.


Kokoon is the world’s first sleep sensing head wearable. In the shape and function of EEG headphones, it can find the perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep. Have you ever fallen asleep with your headphones on? If yes, you probably find this as a not very pleasant experience, because at certain point you have to wake up and remove the headset. Here comes in help Kokoon. This tech wearable not only offers a complete comfort, but it will also turn off the music very naturally, once you have fallen asleep without waking you up. It looks after your sleep and is great while travelling, because it optimizes your ambiance and ensures you have the peace you need to rest. One more plus is that Kokoon will also make sure to wake you up once it has identified the perfect time to do so and it does that to help you start your day fully refreshed. Amazingly, there is an app created, which will definitely blow your mind by identifying what audio techniques work best for you, so that you can get better sleep the next time and every follow one.


TZOA is a wearable that helps you to breathe clean air by providing you with real-time information on your environment and gives recommendations that will improve your behaviour and quality of life. This invention can track your daily activities in order to detect physical particles in the air, which you are exposed to every day. This is done by the help of a high-optical laser that measures the amount of particles, which are actually impossible to be seen without special accessories. Those small fragments can threaten your health and therefore, their elimination is of a great importance. What is more, TZOA can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and an app will enable you to collect data and receive valuable advices on issues such as how much sun exposure is healthy, when to refresh the air by opening the window and so on. TZOA helps you to live healthier by investigating what happened throughout the day, good or bad, and form a better behaviour for tomorrow.


If you are an eco-enthusiast and, more importantly, a daily driver, than this gadget is just for you! GoFar is a car computer that can significantly improve your driving experience by teaching you how to drive your car at its optimum level. What is more, it saves you money, cuts emissions and makes sure that your family and beloved once are kept safe. This first generation smart car gadget can translate data collected by tracking your driving in order to find out the car’s engine’s sweet spot. In other words, this gadget shows you at what point your car runs best, because “driving in the sweet spot saves fuel – which saves money and cuts emissions”. The GoFar team has made sure that everything is done in the safest and most driver-friendly way possible therefore, they created a slim silhouette design that can fit in every car. An important plus is that “it works in your peripheral vision, so it can communicate with you clearly without distracting you from the road”. And last, but not least, GoFar collects analytical data such as trip costs and fuel used on your smartphone, which you can access any day, any time.

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