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Top 3 fashion retail topics in the spotlight - Fashion.bodi.me

Top 3 fashion retail topics in the spotlight

Top 3 fashion retail topics in the spotlight

The modern tech-savvy customer is increasingly looking for new solutions that would make their online experience quicker, more accurate and highly personalised. Meeting these needs, however, has been a challenge for brands and retailers due to the fact that consumer’s behaviour is constantly evolving. Therefore, to stay at the top of the modern consumer’s mind, brands have to invest in technology and innovation as well as to look for ways of how these two can contribute to a better personalised online shopping experience. We have extracted top 3 stories that are breaking the status quo and totally rewriting the retail rule book. Read on to find out more about them.

30 Years of Retail Innovation

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2017 is symbolic for MatchesFashion.com. The London-based luxury fashion retailer is marking its 30th year in business and the team behind the brand wants to make its anniversary memorable.

From comfortable sofas and coffee tables in 1987 to 90-minute delivery and “Style Shopping” in 2017, innovation has been in the brand’s DNA since the very beginning. And this has not been left unnoticed! MatchesFashion.com is not only the fastest-growing luxury company online nowadays, but it is also the one that does it with the best profitability. Last year financials are a proof of that. A full-year revenue of £204m and a 73% increase in online sales clearly show that founders Ruth and Tom Chapman managed to get inside their online customers’ minds. Investing in technology for even greater personalised shopping experience is what brought the company at the top and what allows it to keep innovating and rewriting the Retail Rule Book.

London wants its fashion faster then New York

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Fashion-forward Londoners are the stimulus behind Net-a-Porter’s launch of two new enhanced personal shopping services.

Listening to feedback is what Alison Loehnis, Net-a-Porter’s president, considers to be of a great importance when aiming at getting into customers’ minds. Despite strong competition, Alison Loehnis believes that a clear focus on enhancing customer experience is what will allow the company to rise to the challenge. Alison also reveals that curiosity is what drives her interest into getting to know what her customers are thinking about when purchasing online: “I am always intrigued when I come in early in the morning and I see a pair of diamond earrings selling at 8.30am in London. I love to get in the head of the customer and think, hmmm.” And listening to Londoners’ feedback is exactly how the president Alison Loehnis and her team came up with the idea of launching two new services being same-day delivery service and one-on-one wardrobe consultations. The launch of these two new services will allow the retailer to create a highly personalised shopping experience for its customers and satisfy their needs in terms of speed and access.

Online fashion retailer is offering size recommendation function

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Since the launch of its new size recommendation function, the online fashion giant ASOS has been triggering controversial opinions about its accuracy.

The fashion retailer ASOS is entering the online fitting technology market by recommending which size their customer needs. Recommendations are based on details of past purchases and returned items. ASOS customers are also able to add their exact body measurements to the database for even more accurate size estimation. Even though the new service is aimed at providing even more personalised and faster online shopping experience, shoppers seem to have been not that impressed by the end result. Luckily, feedback has not been all negative and some people have shared positive thoughts about it.

And while online retailers are striving for providing even greater service personalisation, BODI.ME can help in tackling a major problem that online brands are now facing – returns of garments due to wrong size. International size charts can be very confusing sometimes and fit suggestions are not always accurate and personalised. Thankfully, BODI.ME can help in providing accurate size and fit recommendations in thousands of worldwide brands…and it is very easy!

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