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The magic of presence – top 3 Virtual Reality devices - Fashion.bodi.me

The magic of presence – top 3 Virtual Reality devices

The magic of presence – top 3 Virtual Reality devices

Born of technology, Virtual Reality has always given an immense promise for its development. Since the electronic expo E315 kicked off two weeks ago in Los Angeles, there has been an increasing perception that VR is finally growing up. The ability to transfer its users in a three-dimensional environment as well as the emotional influence it has on people by letting them to manipulate and explore while feeling as if they have been teleported to a completely different world have always driven much interest towards VR. Read on to find out more about our top 3 VR devices.

Oculus Rift

Recently Oculus released the first consumer VR headset (Oculus Rift), which will arrive in Q1 2016. From an immersive movie to a virtual game or a virtual trip with your friends, Oculus Rift will make you feel like you have been whisked away to an imagined world. The headset has been designed and constructed with attention to details in order to deliver comfort to its users. “Rift’s advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system” contributes to even more magical experience and enables the sensation of presence. What is more, a new pair of tracked controllers, Oculus Touch, and the official Xbox One wireless gamepad will take your VR games and experiences further than ever before. For a more fashion-forward design, the creative studio Field recently debuted with an ultramodern headset for Oculus that makes you feel like a character of a sci-fi movie. The idea behind the helmet is to “represent the close link between the future imagined in past decades and the capabilities of our present society.

Merge VR

In April MergeVR announced that its VR goggles will become available for millions of Android and iOS users this fall. Merge goggles are unique at its ability to comfortably fit to anyone’s face. The goggles have also been designed and constructed for everyday use, so you can freely put them wherever you want – either in your backpack while on the go or on the coach while at home. What is more, cleaning is not an issue because of the smooth surface that allows to be cleaned very easily and the proprietary foam formulation, which is highly hygienic. Additionally, MergeVR is the first virtual reality headset, which will be accessible to a really large audience by combining consumer friendly price (MSRP of $129) and downloadable apps for a maximum convenience of its users. Even greater plus is that MergeVR headset goes with a handheld motion controller specifically designed for a mobile virtual reality.

Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith wants to bring Virtual Reality into your home by producing next-level virtual reality gear. The company has created Virtualizer, which is an advanced Locomotion device that will allow you to move freely in any direction. This means you can walk, run, jump and even to sit down. “Based on its third generation design, the Virtualizer is the first to offer 360 degree tangle-free rotation and a vertical free-motion ring for full freedom of movement in VR.” Made out of steel and aluminium, Virtualizer can guarantee excellent build quality plus great stability and safety. For even greater convenience of its users, Virtualizer can be stored very easily when not used because of its construction that allows quickly disassembling. Furthermore, the device has a easy-to-use software interface that also allows you to track distance covered and analyze calorie consumption and average speed. Amazing, huh?

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