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TAILOR.ME - Fashion.bodi.me



The Problem

How can a customer buy a bespoke made-to measure garment online without first visualising how the end product will look like?

The Solution

Tailor.me app or web plugin can hold hundreds of garment options and as the client chooses the options the garment changes so he/she can make a more informed buying decision. Because the customer will need a bodi.me account, we will be able to feed his/her measurements directly in the manufacturing process.

The Channels

Tailor.me comes as an extension of your website (web app) or as extension of your mobile application (Android and IOS). The look and feel can be completely bespoke to your brand.

The Benefits

New Sales Channel
Tailor.me is the perfect tool for tailors looking to expand their online sales channel.

Engage & Excite
Give your PR and your brand image a push, show that you’re at the forefront of digital retail and generate excitement in an increasing digital world.

Increase Reach & Reduce Returns
The tool comes with the bodi.me login so your customers measurements will be correct. As for reach, we will advertise our partnership on bodi.me, sending you an expected 80 millions users by 2018.

The Implementation

We need 8 weeks of development after you have given us all your custom options.

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