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STYLE.ME - Fashion.bodi.me


Your Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Tool


The Problem

On your website the catalogue is a dull way of showing off your products. You have no way of getting your customers to interact with the brand. In your store you realise that mannequins wearing your clothes are very a effective sales tool but you lack space to add more.

The Solution

Style.Me is a simple and effective virtual mannequin tool which allows to mix brands and garments on the shop floor in a striking way. As an extension of your website it encourages your users to engage with your products, and when customers stay longer they tend to spend more. Not only will you be able to cross-sell and up-sell in a effective way, you will also reduce returns as customers can login with their bodi.me account and know their size.

The Channels

Because we fully support your omni-channel strategy Style.me comes as an installation in your boutique / departments store, as an add of your website, or as an add-on of your app.

The Benefits

Cross Sell
If you own a boutique or for department stores, Style.Me can come on a giant screen operated by motion control and allow for customers to dress the mannaequin with various brand items.

Up Sell
The intuitive navigation can be bespoke to push certain products with others.

Engage & Excite
Give your PR and your brand image a push, show that you’re at the forefront of digital retail and generate excitement in an increasing digital world.

Increase Reach & Reduce Returns
The tool comes with the bodi.me login so customers know what size they are. As for reach, we will advertise our partnership on bodi.me, sending thousands of users your way.

The Implementation

We give you the specs to photograph your garments, alternatively we photograph the garments for you.

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