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Online Size Advice for your Website


The Problem

Your sizing tables are a mess and although you sell internationally you don’t cover all the a sizing systems out there. Your customers are reluctant to buy online due to the fact that you don’t address sizing seriously. If they do buy they may purchase 3 sizes and return 2, or purchase the wrong size and never come back.

The Solution

We’re the only customer-centric solution out there: we allow your customers to simply enter a few body measurements in order to see the recommended size. They don’t need to register unless they want to but if they have already have a bodi.me account then they can simply to login via your website. This is what we call the “no-click solution”, the most user-friendly tool for size recommendation with the least amount of friction for the user.

The Channels

The login with bodi.me is not only for your web presence. Because we fully support your omni-channel strategy we created a stand-alone white label app (it can also be used as an extension of your existing app), that allows for barcode scanning and returns the size of the customer. A check-out facility can be added at an extra cost.

The Benefits

Reduce Returns
ASOS Chief Executive Nick Robertson calculated that 1% decrease in returns would immediately add $16 million to the company’s bottom line. Have you tried doing the math for your company?

Increase Online Sales
Research shows that professional and simple sizing solutions on the web could increase sales by up to 25%.

Increase In-store Sales
A Deloitte Research in 2011 found that “36% [of the respondents] would find the ability to scan product bar codes and access product information when in store to be very desirableDeloitte Research – State of the Media Democracy (UK) 5th Edition, 2011

Increase Reach
We will advertise our partnership on bodi.me, sending thousands of users your way.

The Implementation

We give you a very simple excel sheet template to fill in with your garment measures and a few lines of code for your website or app. At an added cost we can come and measure your garments for you.

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