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Web and In-store Measuring


The Problem

You’re an online tailor but you cannot take automatic measurements of your customers remotely so you rely on them to take their own measurements correctly. In-store or in your tailor shop, you require your customers to come back for multiple fittings, risking to never make the sale in the first place.

The Solution

If you are in the fashion industry for some time you would have heard of 3D body scanners before. But do you know that this past year (2013) their accuracy increased and their footprint + price decreased? The output of 3D body scanning data if used correctly can provide the solutions needed to the made-to-measure industry and, who knows, maybe one day also disrupt the ready-to-wear design process as we know it today.

The Channels

Our B2C platform bodi.me has the ability to scan people remotely and you as a tailor may connect to the data if the customer agrees. If you require a physical 3D body scanners we have many different options to offer:

  1. a large 3D body scanner booth, bespoke to your requirement to make a statement on your shop floor;
  2. a turning table and 3D sensor scanner operated by an Ipad;
  3. a webcam scanner sitting on-top of a mirror in a changing room

The Benefits

Increased Confidence
First-time customers will feel more confident to buy your made-to-measure if they know you have their correct measurements, whether online or on the shop floor.

Engage & Excite
Give your PR and your brand image a push, show that you’re at the forefront of digital retail and generate excitement in an increasing digital world.

Increase Reach & Reduce Returns
Decrease in returned suits, decrease in complaints, increase in brand loyalty. As for reach, we will advertise our partnership on bodi.me, sending thousands of users your way.

The Implementation

Depending on the scanner you choose the implementation will take 4 to 12 weeks. You will need to have a working internet connection available.

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