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DRESS.ME - Fashion.bodi.me


3D Garments and Body Avatars


The Problem

When buying online it is impossible to tell how the garment will fit. You may have a tool that tells people how it will fit but will your customers trust it. And how does the garment fall? How does it react to movement?

The Solution

Dress.me allows for customers to see themselves move in the garment – their virtual-self that is and in a 3D garment. We create short 10s videos: one shows their avatar dressed in your garment, the other the pressure point of the garment in the size they have chosen. Revolutionary? Yes.

The Channels

Currently Dress.Me is a web application i.e. it works on all devices that can access the web.

The Benefits

Increase Sales
The first reason for not buying clothes online is “not sure it will fit”. A tool that allows your customers to come closer to the physicality of your garments, will surprise, delight and convert.

Engage & Excite
Give your PR and your brand image a push, show that you’re at the forefront of digital retail and generate excitement in an increasing digital world.

Increase Reach & Reduce Returns
The tool comes with the bodi.me login so customers know what size they are. As for reach, we will advertise our partnership on bodi.me, sending thousands of users your way.

The Implementation

We either train you to re-create your garments in 3D or we do it for you.

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