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Shop Modfather Clothing with Confidence- Know Your Size with Bodi.Me - Fashion.bodi.me

Shop Modfather Clothing with Confidence- Know Your Size with Bodi.Me

Shop Modfather Clothing with Confidence- Know Your Size with Bodi.Me

Bodi.Me is excited to introduce a new client from Camden Market: The Modfather Clothing Company.

The Modfather Clothing Company was created in 2012 by father and son, Mario & Daniel Warner. Describing their Camden store as ‘the home of mods, skinheads, suedeheads, soul boys, rude boys and scooterists, the family runs a business inspired by British outfitter heritage. Settled in a British street style spirit, Modfather offers clothing and much more for men and women from a range of heritage brands including Brutus, Gabicci, Trojan, Merc London, Stadium.

We had the opportunity to interview Daniel Warner as part of this collaboration and he helped us understand the brand’s culture and the local ecosystem much better.

Bodi.Me: We are excited to start a partnership with you; can you tell us more about your brand story? 

Daniel: It is now our 5th year here running this family business. Everything started when my father brought a classic scooter at home. My friends and family loved it. And I also fell in love with classic British music and its style.

We opened a shop in Camden which was half the size of this one and through the years we added brands that share our love for the 1960s.

I think that what makes us unique is that we offer an experience to customers and bring memories with music and classic pieces that will never be out of fashion. We are very much about this lifestyle and the values and the art of this movement so we actively get involved and promote local cultural events – this is very important for us.

BeFunky CollageSource: https://twitter.com/Modfatherlondon


Bodi.Me: We focus on fashion e-commerce, how is it going for you? What are some of the challenges you are facing?

Daniel: It’s going well, we rebuilt our website by adding galleries and pictures. We are trying to reach people through an experience; it isn’t just about the shop. Having an e-commerce means lots of responsibilities, we see our business growing but it’s still me and my father working the family business. As a percentage we get about 20% returns, so working with you means fewer responsibilities.


Bodi.Me: How do you see your brand developing in a few years?

Daniel: We just started to design our own suits, so we are hoping to see our own brand developing. We also work on adding more brands, coming soon by popular demand are Ben Sherman and Fred Perry. We hope to open shops a few more shops as well.


Check out the new online sizing tool on their website: http://modfatherclothing.com



Modfather integrated Bodi.Me Size Advice on the online shop for each item. It means that from now on customers who want to order online with Modfather will be able to know their size for each desired garment .

Visit Modfather’s website and shop with confidence thanks to this new tool. Register with Bodi.Me for automatic use or input your measurements manually as you shop.  If you don’t know how to measure yourself, simply click on the question mark. A drawing appears indicating the right way to measure your body. Alternatively, we invite you to book an appointment for a 3D body scan with us to ensure maximum accuracy.



Know your size – Shop with confidence – Save time and costs on returns with Bodi.Me!


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