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Petite is beautiful - Top 5 Brands - Fashion.bodi.me

Petite is beautiful – Top 5 Brands

Petite is beautiful – Top 5 Brands

The modern fashion industry relies on mass production of the same items to make its globalized gears spin. This being said, there is no surprise to find out that special sizes, plus, petite, tall or otherwise, are difficult to shop for. The Internet has turned the world into a shopping mall, so nowadays brands pay a lot more attention to the need of this particular target market. Today we’re focusing on Petite collections, more exactly those aimed at 5’3’’(160 cm) and under women. What retailers don’t always understand is that petites, as well as other special sizes, aren’t simply women with shorter legs. Making a this type of garment means adjusting everything from pant inseam to torso length and shoulder width. These are the 5 brands that get it:


Following the brave footsteps of crowdsourcing brands such as Threadless and Betabrand, Jeetly offers professional attire for Petites everywhere. It all started when founder Jess Jeetly decided to take matters into her own hands rather than wait for the high street to catch up. As an optometrist, she heard the phrase “You don’t look old enough to be doing this job” one too many times. Jess realized that the make-do options that women with her build had-teens and children’s departments-were not good enough for a strong, working professional. Jeetly’s strategy includes everything a luxury brand has: diversity, quality fabrics and most importantly a fit that caters especially to small figures with details such as narrow shoulders and waistbands, smaller armholes and buttons etc. When it comes to the items, the customers have a very important role. Designs are showcased, voted in or out and only after shoppers submit their own recommendations, different colours for example, the garments go into production. All in all, Jeetly is a finely tuned business that has carved a niche for itself in the luxury Petite market.

Old Navy

An American favourite, Old Navy is a not the first name that comes to mind when thinking special sizes but truth is that when the budget friendly brand added both Petite and Tall sections, women everywhere rejoiced. Not every item has to be an investment and most special sizes brands focus more on the special occasion looks, rather than basics and casual styles. Approvals from shoppers started pouring in as Old Navy’s collection was designed for smaller figures and regular wallets. The fact that such an important retailer has picked up the cues of customers everywhere is a big step forward as it sets an example for the fast fashion industry.

Minuet Petite

Minuet Petite is an UK based company that alongside its more elegant sister brand Precis Petite, has managed to carve its own niche in the overcrowded place where high-street got its start. Romantic styles and feminine prints easily describe the Minuet Petite collections, as well as an ongoing dedication to add diversity to every woman’s closet. Flattering cuts are worked to fit a small silhouette, with elongating details in all the right places. The quintessential British style that made so many other e-tailers famous (and rich) is present in every Minuet Petite item, making sure that nobody misses out on the latest trends.

Ann Taylor

Goodbye tailor. Hello Ann Taylor. This is Ann Taylor’s motto. Bringing a bit of edge and cocktail flair to the petite brands that tend to stay a bit more on the safe side, this retailer should round up nicely your going out looks. Their newest collection’s tagline is “Dress for everything” though, and you can notice a lot more diversity in their line-up. Don’t underestimate the office cool of a tweed pencil skirt and silk blouse combo. Leather pleats and wrap cuts pepper the petite section, every garment tailored to fit a wide range of body shapes and we didn’t even mention the jeans that every petite blogger swears by. “Real women live ever more complicated lives. They juggle more activities, play more roles and carry more expectations”. We couldn’t agree more and having the right place to shop just makes everything a lot easier.

BCBG Max Azria

Unlike the other retailers on our list, BCBG Max Azria doesn’t cater specifically to petites but a careful look at their website and size recommendations shows that their measurements usually fit in this category with ease. This is what we call a “petite friendly” brand. There is no need for introduction; BCBG is a celebrity favorite whose edgy style mixes studs and silk seamlessly and regularly appears in fashion magazines. This means that even if you might fit into the special sizes section in other brands, here you can enjoy their full lineup. BCBG proves that there is no need to limit yourself to brands with the “petite” word in their description, but it does imply more effort. Checking size guides and matching them to your measurements is a drag at best of times. At Bodi.me we aim to make shopping as easy for you as possible. Register your body size once, get your customized size advice for BCBG and many others and shop away knowing that we will tell you with a single click if the fit is right for you.

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