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Online solutions ensure the perfect fit - Fashion.bodi.me

Online solutions ensure the perfect fit

Online solutions ensure the perfect fit

Correct size and right fit are the first things that come in mind when talking about online shopping. Unfortunately, these two clothing characteristics are also very often the reason why most people still prefer to visit brick and mortar stores instead of shopping in the comfort of their home. Despite the rise of online shopping and all the associated benefits, people still struggle to purchase pieces of clothing without the need of returning at least one of them due to poor fit. Thanks to innovative technology, users can now buy their desired items without hours spent on understanding size charts. Read on to find out who and how is helping you to find clothing that fits.

Does Size Matter? Industry Symposium on the Future of Online Fit

On 19th June an industry symposium on the future of online fit called ‘Does size matter?’ will bring together experts in the field along with online retailers to discuss how recent technology can eliminate the sizing and fitting issues the retail industry is still facing nowadays. The event will engage visitors with inspiring talks, exciting conversations and engaging presentations. Leading experts in the world of virtual fit will take part in a panel discussion. Members include Lara Mazzoni (CEO at Bodi.Me), Heikki Haldre (Fits.me), Asaf Moses (Fit Analitics) and Lynne Murray (LCF).

‘Does size matter?’ has the aim to discuss how recent tech can attract more online shoppers, how to retain them and what does the future of online fit hold? Visitors will also have the opportunity to attend a presentation on a research project called eSize that has the aim of assessing how software solutions powered by algorithms can significantly benefit the retail industry by improving online shopping experiences and by therefore increasing sales.


A number of innovative technology solutions such as Bodi.Me online size advice use body measurements to give personalized size recommendation, which can guarantee a perfect fit. The eSize project is aimed at exploring such solutions, which can help customers to find the perfect garment size by using just a few body measurements. The research project, which is funded by ESRC (the UK’s largest organisation for funding research on economic and social issues) is specifically focused on user experience testing to contribute to the development of customer experince by collecting information on overall satisfaction as well as accuracy of the measurements.


Bodi.Me’s online size advice solution is exclusive at its aim to provide size advice with high accuracy in order to help brands to increase sales as well as to contribute economically and environmentally by decreasing returns due to poor fit. Our solution rises customers’ satisfaction and loyalty levels, which is what brands have always been striving for. Different international sizing charts are not an issue anymore. Online shopping can now offer even more personalized experience.

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