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London: where the fusion of Fashion and Tech really happens - Fashion.bodi.me

London: where the fusion of Fashion and Tech really happens

London: where the fusion of Fashion and Tech really happens

London has always been home to some of the biggest talents in the fashion and tech industry, however, possessing talent is just the starting point from where the long path to transforming an idea into a successful business begins. This week London saw a huge number of talented entrepreneurs and professionals with great stories behind them ready to be told. A series of events brought together Londoners and people from all over the world, who share the same passion for fashion and technology. Bodi.Me was there, took part and now is ready to share the experience with you.

Decoded Fashion London Summit 2015

Decoded Fashion is a global networking series of events aimed to introduce the fashion community to innovative ideas and to encourage partnerships between tech start-ups, retailers, media professionals and established technology companies. DF events gather at one place emerging talents and professionals, who are excited to show up and share their vision and experience. On the stage of DF London Summit 2015 we saw some of the most famous and established names and brands in the industry and we heard some of the most inspiring thoughts also! And if you are still wondering why fashion and tech make the perfect couple, well, Chalayan has to tell you something: “Only with technology, you can design/create new things in fashion. Everything else has been done.” Bodi.Me had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere first hand, and we can say that it was a very powerful atmosphere that definitely filled us up with inspiration!

CFE Fashion Tech Meetup 4

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Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) is a fashion business incubator created to support London designers and to help them on their way to a successful business development by unlocking their potential and creativity, and introducing them to the international stage. Following the launch of the London’s first fashion-tech incubator (CFE Frontrow ‘Fash-Tech Programme’), CFE one more time brought together fashion-tech fanatics to an “evening with inspiring talks, exciting conversations and engaging presentations.” Attendees had the opportunity to meet and network with both industry professionals as well as entrepreneurs in fashion-tech and attend a panel discussion covering Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). The panel was chaired by Wendy Malem (CFE director), who was accompanied by Saverio Romeo (Principal Analyst at Beecham Research), Christopher Wylie (Co-founder of Eunoia Technology) and Lara Mazzoni (CEO at Bodi.Me). The panel discussed how Big Data and IoT relate to fashion and how might these fields change the fashion-tech sector in the years to come.

At the end, attendees were given the chance to interact with Bodi.Me 3D Body Scanner and have their body measurements taken in a matter of seconds. And for the virtual reality fans, Visualise was there and allowed people to see things from a different perspective.

We, from Bodi.Me, want to say big THANK YOU to all of you that came and met us in person and tried our 3D technology first hand! For those that did not manage to come, we hope to see you next time!

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