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Fashion Tech That's Made It - The Top 4 - Fashion.bodi.me

Fashion Tech That’s Made It – The Top 4

Fashion Tech That’s Made It – The Top 4

When you reminisce about your childhood, what stands out? Eating sugary cereal? Gluing your eyes to the TV to watch your favorite cartoons? Or even better: the excitement of waking up on Saturday mornings to stuff your body with sugary cereal AND laughter from all your favorite cartoons? Yeah, those were the good old days and we certainly wouldn’t mind reliving them. One cartoon in particular that we’d love to recreate is The Jetsons. Remember them? They were the world’s favorite futuristic family because it seemed like they had everything they needed for the perfect life: a robot maid, flying cars, and our personal favorite, an outfit projection device to virtually try on an outfit before deciding whether or not to wear it. Well, here’s some bad news: we still don’t have this exact technology today. The good news? The advancement of technology in the fashion world is growing exponentially, which means that there is some Jetson-like tech already being used by major fashion brands to make life easier for you. Here we’ve rounded up the top four fashion tech that’s made it to reality.

Interactive Shopping Windows

In 2012 sportswear brand Adidas made fashion tech history by featuring the first interactive shopping window in their physical store in Nuremburg, Germany. The full-length touchscreen allowed any pedestrian to view current products in store and virtually drag them to a shopping cart on his or her smartphone. A security system using a one-time-only PIN let the (literal) window shopper link his or her shopping cart to the display window to check out. Fast forward two years and now Kate Spade is launching their own interactive shopping windows to introduce their new sub-label, Kate Spade Saturday. The 24-hour windows can be found in four locations in New York City and use a similar concept as the Adidas windows: window shoppers browse items on the window and add what they want to buy to their shopping cart. They then enter their mobile number and get a confirmation text to officiate approval of their purchase, and the purchased items are delivered within one hour. It’s as easy as ordering take-out.

Smart Mannequins

Have you ever walked by a window display and fallen in love with the mannequin’s head-to-toe look? And then tried to find the items in the store and alas, they were absolutely nowhere to be found? Talk about disappointment. Well, don’t worry; “smart mannequins” are here to help. These modern models are equipped with beacons that send notifications about the clothes they’re wearing to shoppers who walk by. All you need is the associated app from Iconeme, and for every mannequin that catches your eye, you’ll not get details about the clothing but also where to find the clothes in the store or a link to the items on the store’s website if you prefer to avoid all human interaction. You can even talk to the mannequins and ask them questions about what they are wearing (think Siri in mannequin form). Several UK department stores, such as House of Fraser, Bentalls, and Hawes & Curtis, have already been using these smart mannequins with brands such as French Connection and Jaeger, and US retailers are soon to follow suit.

Online Size Advice

If you’ve ever had to return a dress or shirt you bought online because it simply wasn’t the size you thought you needed, you’re one of millions of online shoppers with this dilemma. The truth of the matter is, not all clothing sizes are created equal. You could be a size 6 in French Connection and also a size 12 in Zara. Confused? Don’t worry; Bodi.me has got you covered. All you do is get measured by yourself or through our 3D body scanner so that you have a complete profile with all of your body measurements. From there we match you up to the correct size in any of our partner brands (we have over 100 now!) when you shop online through our website. It’s all based on your unique body measurements so you can buy the right size for your body the first time. Don’t worry about returning items you bought online, which may cost you even more money than what you’re getting back. With Bodi.me, you can simplify online shopping and have a better experience.

Click to Buy on Twitter

Burberry Large
Burberry made fashion tech headlines this past month at London Fashion Week when the prestigious fashion house partnered with Twitter to unveil the new “Buy Now” button on Twitter’s site. The innovative feature lets Twitter users store their banking details on the site’s super secure internal system, then when they see a tweet with a product they like and want to buy (i.e. Burberry’s newest handpainted trench coat), users can simply click the “buy” button and have it delivered to their address. With brands like Burberry using the button, it means all of us who can’t attend the actual fashion week shows can still shop the collections straight from the runway, meaning we still get exclusive access to items available only for a limited period of time. We’re hoping more and more brands follow Burberry’s lead to transform the way we shop online.

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