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Entrepreneurial spirit on the stage of Digital Shoreditch festival 2015 - Fashion.bodi.me

Entrepreneurial spirit on the stage of Digital Shoreditch festival 2015

Entrepreneurial spirit on the stage of Digital Shoreditch festival 2015

The first week of Digital Shoreditch festival is already at its end and we are here to highlight the fashion and technology news. All attendees had the opportunity to enjoy series of lightening talks and workshops across a range of subjects such as fashion and tech, start-up cultures, and new creative ideas. The fashion and tech industry is becoming an object of interest for a constantly increasing number of young entrepreneurs. Therefore, the stage of the festival had plenty of space for emerging talents. Today’s article will talk about the entrepreneurial spirit of 6 young people and the issues of starting a business in the fashion and tech industry.


Have you ever thought about what would you know about fashion and tech if you weren’t in the industry and you wasn’t surrounded by friends interested in this field, what if fashion tech was just not part of your life at all? Would you still know how far the tech has gone, how fast it is developing? Well, the answer will be probably NO… However, the good news is that there are people working hard to broaden the scope of the industry and they are united under the name of INTERLACED.

INTERLACED is a start-up dedicated to spread the word of wearable and fashion technology and to accelerate its adoption in consumers’ everyday lives. From organizing events and activities to industry reports and news content, the team’s aim is to reach early adopters and emerging talents and to gather them with experts in the industry in order to inspire and educate.

We talked to Kristina (founder & CEO), who revealed more about the idea of INTERLACED and how this idea unites 6 young people with different backgrounds.
How was the idea of INTERLACED born?
My background is marketing and communications and I’ve had a lifelong passion for fashion. At the conferences I’ve attended over the last couple of years everyone was talking about “big data” and “wearables” after which they were showing another fitness tracker. That didn’t really excite me. Then I started seeing the likes of Studio XO, The Unseen and Cute Circuit emerging and I was fascinated with how this concept of fashion tech can really transform the industry. I started researching, writing and talking to people about it. Because most of my friends didn’t really understand this new concept, I had the idea of doing a fashion tech runway to show what this term fashion tech means. I was incredibly lucky to reconnect with Kari in New York, who was also keen on the topic and we decided to make INTERLACED a reality. INTERLACED became whole once we connected with our third co-founder Hristyan.

Are you all students/graduates?
Hris, Kari and myself are recent graduates. Kari is currently working in an architecture company in New York, while Hris is doing innovative design projects in London.

Our editorial team is headed by Noemie Balmat who is also coming from an advertising background and Barbara Sanatamaria, fashion journalist and LCF graduate.

We also have Whitney Valverde as our Relations Manager who is a full-time fashion blogger and designer, as well as Madeleine Bouge who is our advisory member.

I can see you are not the only Bulgarian, what about the others?
Hris / Kari / Kristina – Bulgarian
Noemie / Madeleine – French
Whitney – US & Costa Rican
Barbara – Chilean

How are 6 creative young people getting along?
Great! Our team comes from different backgrounds so we approach every idea from a different angle which is really helpful. We also question everything and are not afraid to speak our minds. Constructive criticism help is grow and learn from each other as well as collectively.

How did you find each other?
Kari, Hris and myself knew each other very briefly because we’re from the same city in Bulgaria but we were never really close. I reconnected with Kari in New York last year and then met Hris here in London, which is how everything started.

I met Whitney at London Fashion Week in September 2014 and we became really good friends. The rest of the team I connected with through Twitter!


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