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Can Smart Fabrics Improve Lifesaving Jobs?

Can Smart Fabrics Improve Lifesaving Jobs?

Today we will leave fashion aside and pay attention to the uniform industry. It is not that uniforms are not fashionable or cannot be stylish, it is just more about smart fabrics and how they can significantly improve some of the world’s most important jobs. Read on to find out which are they. Do not forget to post a comment with any thought you have about this article.

Police officers

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Happily, summer days are finally approaching after the very cold winter. However, this may be not a good piece of news for police officers. Being there to protect us, their job is becoming even tougher when the weather gets warmer. Yes, wearing uniforms can be quite uncomfortable. Luckily, nowadays researchers are developing bulletproof vests with a built-in cooling system to make policemen’s job a bit easier and also to rise physical performance. Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, has developed a smart protective vest based on Coolpad technology. In other words, the vest is filled in with water which evaporates through a membrane and cools down its surroundings. Also, “a mini fan blows air though a fabric spacer behind the pad, providing further cooling”. Interestingly, this technology can also be used for jackets and suits worn over normal clothing. And if Bodi.Me takes care of sizing, policemen will not have to worry about anything.


Military uniforms do not have to be trendy, they have to be protective and reliable. Can smart fabrics be the answer of this issue? The army is looking forward to incorporating intelligent uniforms, which can send valuable data through GPS sensors embedded into the clothing fabric. Important information will include current location which can be transmitted to a medical personnel as well as information about the severity of bullet wounds. Implanting sensors is a big challenge for the Office of Naval Research tough. In line with that, the clothing has to be light enough and to be resistant to severe weather conditions. This looks like a bit futuristic but let’s hope that very soon our soldiers will have the technology on their side. What we can do now is to at least make purchasing uniforms easier and faster by using 3D Body Scanner technology, which can eliminate sizing issues.


Doctors work hard, so do their uniforms. Thanks to the latest healthcare technology, developed by the University of California, medical uniforms can now stay clean for days without washing. What is more, they are tailored by using smart ‘germ-free’ fabric, which does not allow the spread of germs. The fabric is “treated by a patented technology that attaches molecules called ‘halamines’ to textile fiber”. These halamines contain chlorine which helps in eliminating bacteria. Not only these uniforms considerably improve the level of safety but they are also environmentally harmless. Intelligent fabrics used in the medical industry can significantly contribute to keeping hospitals more sanitary and stop the spread of infections. Amazing, huh?

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