’s CEO as a Mentor at Startup Bootcamp FastTrack London’s CEO as a Mentor at Startup Bootcamp FastTrack London

The Startup event of last week was without a doubt the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living program which took place on Dec 4th in London. The well-known startup accelerator program organized a FastTrack event and invited our CEO, Mrs.Lara Mazzoni to be a member of the mentor panel.

The chosen applicants had an opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of each other and the experienced mentors. This was part of the screening process for the Amsterdam Smart City & Living ’16 program, an eventful three-month program of meeting highly qualified advisers, investors, relevant partners from over 30 countries and so much more. For the past five years, this network has grown to over 400 alumni founders with top connections in various sectors and each year the final Demo Day gets more and more spectacular.


The successful applicants

1. The creators of Pocket Protector  have applied their experience with big data manipulation to develop FuelForward, a personal fuel forecast app to help you optimize your energy usage and manage a precise fuel budget. It makes long-term forecasts on fuel usage for various car models and incorporates factors from local weather impact to behavioral and economic trends.fuelforwardlogo

2. Racefully is a real-time connectivity app which enables users to reach friends from all over the world, share a run and race with them, set targets together and even enjoy a chat! You can meet new people if you choose to go public and talk over your mutual love for running or even find a running buddy with similar capacity!

3. Felisias cause is to provide interface support to Celebral Palsy/Down Syndrome/Autism patients in the form of exercise and education, rehabilitation and training. This project is based on extensive medical and technical research and is already making an impactful difference because it is customisable and adaptable aiming to achieve “Creativity in Rehabilitation”.


4.  There is nothing like the feeling of enjoying a derby live at the stadium and it is such a pity that billions of seats are left empty each year! The initiative of GoodSeats was started by a genuine football fan who combined his passion for sports with volunteering. This new app gives you the chance to pay for sports tickets with volunteering hours! You just need to pick a game, pick an activity and enjoy both the benefits of volunteering and sports fun!


5. Are you tired of waiting to get a doctor’s appointment for weeks? This Interconnected health platform developed by a family of doctors (specifically Mo Tabreze, who is also the founder of ApprovedDoctor) gives users the opportunity to upload, manage and monitor their personal health data in a secure way. Data can be shared with a network of registered qualified doctors which would be available for video consultations booked through the app. Soon even the delivery of prescriptions will be possible!


(under development)



All of these impressive ideas were presented in a very professional way and worked together to improve over an open discussion of serious, honest constructive feedback. It was a pleasure to be a part of StartupBootcamp and we would like to say a massive THANK YOU for inviting us! Special thanks also to Tech City UK for hosting the event and for the continuous support they provide to startups! It has definitely been mutually beneficial and exciting to hear new ideas, meet motivated teams and recognized mentors such as Marc Wesselink (Selection & Alumni Partner at Startup Bootcamp), Jimmy Kyriacou (Founder UNBOX) and Kristina Tauchmannova (Business Developement Manager Tech City UK).

It was an honor and great pleasure for Mrs. Lara Mazzoni to share her experience and give back to the Startup Community as she said, “Technology has always been the focus of my interest and the web is definitely the way most business will evolve”. We are looking forward to following the progress of these startups in the future and wish them the best of luck!


Lara Mazzoni with the teams

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