Bodi.Me Partners with Camden Market to Offer Free 3D Body Scanning for Visitors and Seamless Sizing Tools for Brands

Bodi.Me Partners with Camden Market to Offer Free 3D Body Scanning for Visitors and Seamless Sizing Tools for Brands

Bodi.Me has been selected by IncuBus Ventures to be one of the key technologies for the 2016 Future of Retail growth programme in Camden Market. Bodi.Me will be integrating its innovative solutions in the local ecosystem for an intense 12-week curriculum until mid-September.

Visitors of the Camden Market have the opportunity to get a free 3D Body Scan and an instant size recommendation with hundreds of brands online. Bodi.Me 3D Body Scanner is accessible at the Pop-up Crafts&Fashion Future of Retail store, located in the heart of the Stables Market, alongside other innovative brands such as, Zola London, T D Kent Eyewear and Rein London.

The consumers are able to see their own 3D avatar and know their exact measurements. Bodi.Me matches customers’ measurements to the right garment by applying the proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm. The web platform allows each user to safely store their body measurements, from manual tape measure or from a 3D body scanner, and allows them to access their data everywhere, any time. The result of this interactive experience is automatically transferred to their secure Bodi.Me profile. There is no doubt that knowing the right size to buy will improve the shopping experience substantially for both consumers and brands.

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Bodi.Me helps fashion brands tackle the high returns of online orders, thus striving to improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Purchasing the wrong size is the reason behind 64% of returns. Virtual sizing and visualization tools have proven to be successful in reducing this rate and increasing conversion. Thanks to the Future of Retail Craft & Fashion Growth Programme organised by Incubus Ventures, is offering a special deal to the local brands that implement its new technologies, the Size Advice platform integrated with 3D body scanner.

Bodi.Me aims to reduce the number of costly returns for brands and encourage customers to shop online. The company strives to develop innovative, seamless and mobile solutions for the garment industry, which allows E-fashion businesses to simply upgrade to new technology and digital services such as 3D virtual fitting rooms. The solution is scalable and affordable for start-ups and SMEs. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which is implemented seamlessly as an API on E-Commerce shops or brand apps.


The technology start-up provides a simple solution of the online sizing dilemma for brands and E-fashion consumers. Bodi.Me invites you to:

GET a FREE 3D Body Scan at Camden Market, see your avatar & shop online with confidence at

IMPLEMENT our solution for E-fashion. Download the API from !camden logos screenshot

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