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Bodi.Me Size Advice at Future of Retail Craft&Fashion Store

Bodi.Me in the Future of Retail Pop-up Store in Camden Market

Bodi.Me in the Future of Retail Pop-up Store in Camden Market


This summer discover the Future of Retail (FoR) Craft & Fashion Store in Camden Market. It is in the heart of the Stables Market that Bodi.Me and three other fashion start-ups (ZOLÀ London, TD Kent, Rein London) come together to create a unique environment enhancing visitors’ shopping experience. The pop-up store is not only a limited-time physical representation of brands with online presence, but also an initiative of Camden Market to bring in a new and higher end touch to the atmosphere.  It is in a relaxing setting that the public is able to feel the spirit of each brand until mid-September. The four brands of FoR store are united by their passion for fashion innovation and technological advancement.


Bodi.Me solves the sizing dilemma of online shopping by helping e-fashion users know their size. Visitors of the FoR Store have the opportunity to get a free 3D body scan for accurate measurements that guarantees them precise size recommendation in hundreds of brands. Their avatar and measurements are stored in a secure profile, enabling them to shop online anytime anywhere, prolonging their Camden experience. Bodi.Me is integrating the size advice software with an increasing number of local brands.

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ZOLÀ London by Zoë Lower

ZOLÀ London represents limited edition, beautifully unique handcrafted fashion prints & designs. She tackles the sizing dilemma by having “one size fits all” and manipulates her own paintings and images from flowers to landscapes to create unique kaleidoscopes and fashion artwork. Each style is limited worldwide to only 10 pieces in each print, keeping it truly unique. The unique innovative techniques used to design these beautiful festival-wear pieces fits perfectly with the spirit of the store.


Rein London by Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson

REIN presents an innovative women’s fashion house: Using a laser-cutting system the brand creates unique items, built upon a contemporary and forward-thinking design approach. REIN is a celebration of the female form, inspired by and for women. Focusing on the body as a medium; the brand explores the relationship between body and clothing, revealing and concealing, a play upon the socially acceptable and clothing’s ability to empower women. Bodi.Me puts the body in the centre of the omnichannel experience of online shopping and also specialises in the relationship between body and garments. This mutual point of interest enhances the symbiosis within the store.


TD Kent Eyewear by Tom Davies Kent

T D Kent is a bespoke eyewear brand for the luxury fashion market. Just as Bodi.Me the brand is using a 3D scanning technology (in this case applied to the face) and distinctive materials (3D printing). Each pair is unique and created by hand in the UK. The collection includes glasses gold cast in resin and frames with real butterflies encapsulated.


The FoR Store is shared by four star-ups that have the common ingenuity to combine technology with fashion. The elements that unite these brands are their sense of innovation and their unique views on fashion. The FoR Store’s goal is to offer to the local public and tourists the possibility to see fashion from a different angle with high end brands and technology experience.



Bodi.Me invites you to visit our pop-up Store in Camden Market and:

GET a FREE 3D Body Scan at Camden Market, see your avatar & shop online with confidence at http://bodi.me

IMPLEMENT our solution for E-fashion. Download the API from http://fashion.bodi.me !

Find us in Camden Market:

Future of Retail Craft and Fashion Store, Unit 20, The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AACAMDEN MAP for flyer


For more information visit the FoR Store Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/forstore/

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