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Behind clothing innovation – Smart textiles - Fashion.bodi.me

Behind clothing innovation – Smart textiles

Behind clothing innovation – Smart textiles

In the fashion industry trends change so fast that tech fabric could be the key to keeping up with them! We usually look at clothing as something that provides coverage and is used to express emotions and sense of style, but what makes textiles smart and revolutionary is the ability to do much more than that. Read on the find out how smart textiles are paving the way to a big change in the future of clothing.

Conductive ink for electronic apparel

conductive ink
Tokyo scientists has developed a new conductive ink, consisted of “silver flakes, organic solvent, fluorine rubber and fluorine surfactant”, that makes your clothing smarter. Being printed on textiles in a single step, this ink creates highly conductive and stretchable connections. Even when stretched to more than 3 times its original length, the ink will still show high conductivity. This functional ink paves the way for new printed electronic apparel such as sportswear and underwear that can monitor vital signs like heart rate, pulse, and muscle movements. Imagine being able to keep track of your health by just getting dressed. Soon you would be able to do that. Amazing, huh? Although, this new technology is not fully ready to hit the industry, it definitely makes a promise to change the world of wearables and smart clothing.

Magnetic Fabric

Imagine your garments reshaping themselves to be on trend. Now this is possible with magnetic fabric developed in a cooperation between the IMD Institute for Material Design and BMW AG. With this magnetic fabric your clothes become alive. The prototype textile is filled with materials that respond to magnets. Thus, when put near electromagnetic fields, the fabric comes to life. Lil­ian Dedio’s aim was to explore new limits of fabrics. Next, he plans to “develop the idea further by embedding the fabric with a second layer of flat, consisted of controllable electromagnets.” According to him, “that would make it wearable.” However, the fabric is still at the proof-of-concept stage, which makes it more like an experiment than a ready-to-wear material.

Unstainable Fabric

unstainable fabric
Unstainable fabric is what the modern multitasking woman needs nowadays. It’s a law of physics that it’s impossible to wear white without ruining it, however, thanks to nanotechnology, there’s now a white shirt that cannot be stained! Elizabeth & Clarke have created an “Unstainable White Shirt” for women. From coffee to wine and even sweat, there is no thread for this fabric. Liquids are kept suspended above the fabric, never allowing stains to touch the silky fibers. “Using a proprietary garment finish that works at the molecular level, the finish zeros in on fabric fibers using tiny ‘whiskers’ that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand.” The tiny fibers don’t clog the fabric weave allowing 100% stain repellence without changing the feel and comfort. Be prepare to never fear wearing white again!

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