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Are corporate uniforms an effective marketing tool?

Are corporate uniforms an effective marketing tool?

In today’s competitive environment, it is difficult for brands to stand out of the crowd. Therefore, in the struggle to be noticed, most companies are now relying on and investing in digital marketing activities. Why is that? Because of a single reason – the internet has undergone an enormous growth over the past years and it is without doubt that traditional marketing tools are loosing their power. However, being distracted by the euphoria that is going around social media and online marketing in general, brands seem to forget about one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools. Let’s see which one.

For many companies the first point of contact is not always the internet: but the company’s staff. Branded workwear is what would provide a consistent brand identity and would engage customers on a more personal level. I mean, imagine flying with an airline that doesn’t take care of its crew uniforms and you can see a flight attendant with an oversized uniform and another one where the fit is just not right. It talks a lot about the airline, doesn’t it? Now, imagine the same airline crew, but neat and presentable. What would you prefer? The right uniform can make all the difference from creating a recognisable image for your brand to rising customers’ satisfaction and loyalty levels – something that brands have always been striving for.



Uniform trends change all the time with the fashion industry, however, one thing that is always current and relevant is the correct size and fit. Uniforms can be the most fashionable ones, but if they just don’t fit well, the impact is gone. We, at BODI.ME, believe that tailored uniform fit is what will convey a message of capability and success to the customers. We completely understand that taking measures and adjusting sizes take brands lots of costly time and therefore, we came up with a solution – 3D body scanning technology. Our 3D scanner allows brands to scan their staff in a quick and reliable way. User accounts are automatically created and all the data is then securely stored and available for future references.

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