5 Social Brands You’ll Want in Your Closet

5 Social Brands You’ll Want in Your Closet

Helping others is something we all try to do… and some brilliant entrepreneurs have dedicated their businesses to helping: that’s what social entrepreneurship is all about. This week, we went hunting for sociable fashion brands, and we’re happy to report that they are lots and lots! We had to keep the list short though so here’s our top 5! If you know of any others worth adding here, please let us know by commenting at the end of the article!

Mizzen + Main

Young, brilliant, innovative, technology driven… Mizzen + Main has it all! The idea came about 6 years ago in Washington D.C when Kevin Lavelle watched a colleague run to a meeting with a shirt soaked in sweat… The idea for a moisture wicking dress shirt was born.

Mizzen + Main project “shirt for a start” helps wounded veterans by providing them a job or by giving away a percentage of their t-shirt sales. Indeed, the company has at heart the challenge of creating new jobs, its mission being “to put jobs before profits”. They do so not only by hiring new staff, but also by building privileged relationships with local suppliers, sewing shops and distributors… Mizzen + Main, you are definitely our number 1!

Stone + Cloth

Another story, another challenge… The adventure of Stone + Cloth started near the Kilimanjaro: Matthew Clough, founder, came up with the idea of creating a line of backpacks and accessories that are worth buying. The successful sales of the brand (today most items available online are sold out!) provide the Tanzanian non-profit organization “Knock Foundation” with funds, to help children having a decent education. We are fascinated by your actions Mr Clough: education is everything!

United by blue

United by blue was founded in 2010 with the purpose of making the Earth a cleaner place to live. The company designs a beautiful line of apparel and accessories with the clean rivers and seas at heart. Indeed, for every product sold, United By Blue will remove 1 pound of trash in and around beaches and rivers. They do so by organising clean-ups and successfully so! Around 2,000 smiley volunteers come help every time… 1400 pounds of trash have already been removed, and this is just a start…


All of Barnabas’ company energy is going into being “more than a brand or a logo” to be an “identity and lifestyle”. The values of the company lie in the saying “be bold and courageous” as they encourages people to be fearless in making choices that make them different. Barnabas has everything a self-respecting fashionista could ask for, and more… The company supports The Living Room International, an association helping people with terminal illnesses in Kenya, by giving away 10% of their turnover. In conclusion: Be yourself and buy Barnabas!

Twice as Warm

Wear one, give one”. The motto of Twice As Warm is more effective than any long-winded speech… Need we say that the company is fighting poverty? The company, started in 2010, provides warm clothes to people in need, and the principle couldn’t be easier… Every time someone is buying an item from the company, the same item is given to a person in need. An ethical project reminding us that we can help people right on our doorstep. Well done!

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