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5 brands that won't have to deal with returns any longer - Fashion.bodi.me

5 brands that won’t have to deal with returns any longer

5 brands that won’t have to deal with returns any longer

Our main goal here at Bodi.me is to help fashion companies reduce the cost of returns by offering effective tools for online shopping… We compiled a top 5 here of companies that already found a way of dealing with this challenge, using a webcam just like us, or with other original ideas…

Ditto virtual try-on

If you want to purchase a new pair of glasses, but you don´t have the time or the energy to go to a shop and try hundreds, you should visit the Ditto online store. The brand came up with a new way of selling glasses about 3 years ago and it is a total success! The procedure to follow is quite simple: When entering the e-store, your webcam will take a 180° picture of your face, and after this, you will see how you would look like with any pair of glasses available online. Ditto offers another advantage: having your glasses delivered at home for free, and if, in spite of the online trial, you don´t like your new pair of glasses, you can return them without any costs either!

Warby Parker home try-on

Warby Parker Free trial deliver
Warby Parker created a new way of selling online about 3 years ago, quite unique in the eyewear sector: You have the opportunity to choose 5 different frames on the website and have them shipped to your home. You can keep them for 5 days, walk around with them and ask people what they think. Once you have chosen your favourite ones, they send you your final pair with the correct lens. The whole procedure is free and has been very successful, as more than 100,000 pairs were sold in the 1st year.

Ray-Ban Virtual mirror

Ray-Ban virtual mirror
The leader in eyewear and sunglasses quickly embraced the selling opportunities brought by the online channel.. The way Ray-Ban works is similar to Ditto but while Ditto works with a 180 degrees picture, with Ray Ban the webcam turns on and the glasses are superimposed on your face so you can move and see yourself wearing them. You can also compare different models at the same time.

Silhouette iMirror

Silhouette Fitting app
Silhouette allows you to try glasses and sunglasses on your face via a photo of you but unlike its competitors it mainly focuses on mobile channels: the Austrian company developed the application for iPhone and iPad. This application will help you choosing the perfect pair of glasses anywhere you are, and you don´t even need a computer! The procedure is almost instantaneous, so you have no excuse not to do it!

Lancôme virtual mirror

Lancome's virtual makeup
The eyewear sector doesn´t have the monopoly of good ideas for online selling. The luxury French cosmetic brand also found an idea to boost its sells. Indeed, make up is something you hardly buy online, because you have to try it first! Well, this is no longer true: Lancôme created a virtual mirror that shows how the make up will suit you. The system is the following: you upload a picture of you, and then you can choose among different kinds of makeup which one will look good on you. Fun, isn´t it?

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