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5 brands that will change the way we buy shoes online - Fashion.bodi.me

5 brands that will change the way we buy shoes online

5 brands that will change the way we buy shoes online

Have you ever bought something online? Our educated guess is that your answer is “yes”. But have you ever bought shoes online? Well here we’re going to guess that you haven’t. Out of all things we can buy on the Internet, shoes are probably the least bought although the market is growing… Indeed it is difficult to know if they will fit, if they will hurt, or even if they will match the picture provided on the e-store. You know by now our enthusiasm for technology that helps online shopping so read our list of innovative companies that have developed solutions for the online shoe industry! If you know more about this topic, please share it with us by commenting at the end of this article!

Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is a global, multi-channel retail brand that enables shoppers to design their shoes online. The brand was created in 2009, and is now active worldwide. The website displays a 3D shoe that customers can change and customize according to their wishes… All shoes are handmade by talented craftsmen, and will be shipped anywhere in the world in less than 4 weeks! The best part about Shoes of Prey, is the return policy they offer: “Your perfect shoe guarantee” which means you have a year to return a pair of shoes that won’t fit, and you can get a new pair for free! Shoes of Prey, you are definitely our number 1!

Poppy Barley

After living a memorable shopping experience in Bali, Justine Barber (Co-founder of Poppy Barley) conceived “The idea of bringing the art of custom boots to anyone with access to a measuring tape and Internet”. Buying shoes with Poppy Barley can be done with your eyes closed! It all starts with the Leather Swatch Kit customers receive at home: This kit includes a measuring tape and samples of leather pieces that are used to make the shoes. This way, customers can feel beforehand the materials the shoes will be made of! To receive a pair of shoes, clients then need to take the measurements of their feet, with the help of videos on the company’s website. After than, they choose a design in the collection offered, or even create their own. Poppy Barley ship worldwide, offers to remake the pair of shoes if it doesn’t fit in the first place, and even refund your shoes if you don’t like them. Are you convinced yet?


No need to introduce the brand here! But last time you checked it out, did you notice the “show me how it fits!” button (which indeed reminded us of our own online sizing service for clothes). By clicking on this button, you will see a 3D image of the shoe you are about to buy. The image will show you how the shoe will fit you, by adding colours to compare the fitting with one of the shoe you already own: If the shoe is green, it will fit perfectly; if it is yellow/orange on the edges it will be a little sharp; and if it is blue, the shoes are clearly too big. This revolutionary tool is provided by Shoesfitr, and you can enjoy this sizing advice not only on heel.com but also on other online shopping platforms.


The challenge of Feetz, this new Californian start-up, is to make us shoes that will fit as good as Cinderella’s glass slippers! This is quite ambitious but they did come up with an innovative solution: 3D printing your shoes. The project, called SizeMe is the following: Customers take a quick video of their foot, which will enable the computer to create a 3D perfect model of both your feet. Then, customers design the shoes they’d like to buy… Finally, the shoes are being created with a 3D printer. Feetz is still looking for investments, which means these shoes are not available yet on the market… Recently, the company has been nominated to win a prize with the Founder Institute, and we are convinced they will succeed! good luck!

The Left Shoe Company

The Left Shoe Company is a Finish company active worldwide. We have no choice but to like them, since they use a body scanner as a reference to create their shoes! The first step to buy a pair of shoes from them is to go to one of their offices to get a 3D scan of your feet. Once that is done, and the data is uploaded to your account, you can buy customized shoes online. You start by choosing a pre-designed shoe that you can modify according to your preferences and you will have it delivered home in 6 weeks!

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