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3 New Breakthrough Technology Innovations

3 New Breakthrough Technology Innovations

Technology innovations are evolving so fast that one can hardly follow up everything that happens in the world of computer science. Tech is constantly developing and its reach gradually expands to previously unreached areas and transforms them completely. From visual effects to music to photography, today we will walk you through 3 recent innovations with the feature to impress even the most tech-savvy consumers.

Chase Me

Chase Me is a short stop-motion animation film which narrates a beautiful story about a young girl embracing her fears and transforming them into something better. The film has been created by the digital artist and animator Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud, who has built 2, 500 3D printed pieces for a two-year period. Approximately 10 months of continuous printing and about 6,000 hours of work has resulted in a piece of art that drives true pretty emotions in a person while watching it. Each frame of the film was firstly designed in CG before actually being translated for processing via 3D printing. All sets and characters were printed at 100 micron resolution and one of the most detailed pieces, a gnarled tree, took a week to be printed on the Form 1+. Interestingly, the finished project was with size dimensions of 50 x 40 x 35cm and the total pieces needed for the film creation consumed 80 litres of resin. Just amazing!


Soundbrenner is the first smart wearable every musician will actually love using. What distinguishes the wearable from its competition, is its feature to vibrate instead of producing an annoying click sound which can often be very distracting. The band’s vibration is from 3 to 6 times more powerful than that of a smartphone so even if you are the most enthusiastic drummer, you will still be able to feel the beat on your skin. Soundbrenner can be your Smart Coach who will help you to follow the rhythm, to practice efficiently and all of this will be done in a very natural way. Additionally, for all of you who are not leaving their phone aside, the band syncs with Android and iOS mobile devices so musicians will be able to change the settings and set up the tempo/rhythm pattern. What is more, Soundbrenner has been designed to perfectly fit every musician’s needs. The wearable comes in 2 different sizes so… wrist, leg or upper arm, you can wear it wherever you want, depending on you music instrument, of course.


Solo is the first drone that enables creative photography and is able to represent every aspect of the photographer experience in mind. By possessing auto pilot features, the smart drone allows the user to concentrate only on taking the shot. The intelligent drone is also the first of its sort to support full control of GoPro cameras and deliver live-streaming HD video straight to smartphones. The aerial technology device will be available in May and is designed to be ready to fly right out of the box equipped with a simple controller, very similar to a game joystick, with a holder for iPhone/iPad which act both as a monitor for the drone and also as a remote control for the GoPro camera. Amazing features such as selfie mode and “follow me”, which basically allows the drone to fly back in a previously drawn line, makes flying and shooting video even more enjoyable and, of course, a bit easier. Additionally, by opening up solo’s Hardware and Software, the company gives a chance to developers to create apps and tricks. So…, do not waste your time but design the next awesome and unique Solo’s functionality.

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