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3 Fashion Technology Events at LFW’15

3 Fashion Technology Events at LFW’15

Well.., London Fashion Week AW’15 is now in the past, so it is time to highlight the best of it. London’s Somerset House hosted the 61st Fashion Week show which began last week. Being a global force in the Fashion Technology industry , the capital has become the heart of fashion tech innovation. Famous British designers and retailers made use of innovative technologies such as mobile and digital personalisation to present the best of their collections. Personalised experience is getting even more essential for both online and in-store fashion brands and for that reason using technology to understand consumers’ needs was the key theme at this year’s show.

Virtual Reality

The designer Jean-Pierre Braganza collaborated with Google to create virtual reality at LFW’15. The project is at its very early stage, but this was not an obstacle at all. Created by cardboard, a headset resembling a pair of sunglasses can carry you away in a virtual world. The invention works with a “smartphone slotted into the front of it and an app downloaded to showcase the content”. Real-world surroundings and a Kingfisher create a living picture in the virtual world where you can also see a model wearing the new collection of the designer. For all the River Island lovers, every item purchased from the Design Forum Jean-Pierre Braganza collaboration collection will be packed with a flat-packed version of Google Cardboard. And if this is not enough to impress you, a Google representative has shared that in the follow year, virtual reality will offer us even “more immersive and interactive experiences”.

The Unseen

Lauren Bowker debuted on the stage of LFW AW’15 with a tech jacket that changes colours depending on your brainwaves. The material used for the manufacturing of the garment is very subtle and also highly developed so that it is able to visualise “‘unseen’ things like digital data”. With this invention, Lauren has the aim of showing her customers that there is a way wearable technology can be part of peoples’ lives without disconnecting them from their social life. “We’re interested in translating data through a much more organic way, so using natural processes and craft processes but hacking into them with very modern pigments and very modern concoctions.” said Lauren. So, what else does the future of fashion technology have for us? Probably very soon the wearable technology will be entirely embedded into our clothes and all the small gadgets will disappear. But…, who knows?


By speaking of Fashion & Technology we must mention one of the British leaders in this industry – Burberry. The brand’s Womenswear collection “Patchwork, Pattern & Prints” invited its fans to watch online the runaway show during LFW AW’15. By partnering with Twitter, the brand let fans from all over the world to become eyewitnesses of the spectacular show which was described by the makeup artist Wendy Rowe as a “a patchwork of makeup and textures… It’s Burberry, so the look is naturally very effortless”. Every tweet with hashtag #Tweetcam and @Burberry activated a camera to snap photos which after that appeared on the social media platform. The runaway show was also shared on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and China’s Sina Weibo. Burberry’s London Fashion Week AW’15 show yet again consolidated its top position when it comes to “digital panache to reach new audiences”.

OK,that’s all from us about LFW’15, we are now looking forward Milan, Italy’s fashion capital.

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